Job Ready With React by Levi Robertson

Job Ready With React

A project based course that takes people completely new to React and gets them ready for their first day on the job.

What were making.

Together we will be building a fully featured, production ready chat application in a style similar to Discord. Users will be able to sign up, join rooms, chat, and even send gifs to each other! We will cover all the bases of React while building out this portfolio worthy project!
Obtain all the techniques, tools and tricks that will bring you from "job seeker" to "new hire" with this useful and multi-media approach to learning react. With a combination of video, image, and text content you will be able to learn in the way that suits you best!

What's included?

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Hello Friend!
Intro to React
Intro to JSX.
Working with components.
Props & State
Events, responding to user interaction.
Timer Example.
Expanding our toolkit and Starting our App.
Authentication W/ Firebase.
Reading and writing to firebase.
Lists and keys.
Data manipulation with Ramda.
Styling first inline, then with Emotion.
Adding Rooms.
Working with the Giphy API.
Searching from tags.
Embedding the Gif.
Creating a Gif Keyboard.
Testing with React
Testing methodoligies
Testing with Jest.
How to write effective tests
Deploying your Application
Deploying to Now
Deploying to Netlify

Modern JavaScript

Learn how to use new and exciting JavaScript tools in a modern environment. We will be building the application using a pure functional approach, with the help of awesome libraries like Ramda. This will give not only the React skills you need but the practical knowledge to put them to use!

Enter the Realm of React!

Keep your skills sharp by exploring the exciting eco-system surrounding React.